April 17, 2018

Meal prep delivery services are all the rage, with many people throughout Britain enjoying the benefits of having their healthy, delicious meal ingredients packaged up and delivered to them. (Saving the hassle of going shopping or having to work out the ingredients for themselves).

meal prep boxes from PrepBox Nutrition

One particularly popular aspect of this type of service is to have a subscription where you order several meals at once to last the course of a few days or a week.

March 15, 2018

One of the questions we’re most often asked is – why should I bother having my recipe boxes / food boxes delivered to my home, when I can just as easily purchase the ingredients for myself from the supermarket?

And it is a good question, as you might think it would be a simple process to simply work out what the ingredients are that we’ll be providing, then recreate the same recipe by picking up the same type of food for yourself.