Why Should You Have Your Food Boxes Delivered?

One of the questions we’re most often asked is – why should I bother having my recipe boxes / food boxes delivered to my home, when I can just as easily purchase the ingredients for myself from the supermarket?

And it is a good question, as you might think it would be a simple process to simply work out what the ingredients are that we’ll be providing, then recreate the same recipe by picking up the same type of food for yourself.

However, our experience suggests there are many reasons why using a food box delivery service will be of benefit in comparison with the do it yourself approach. Here’s a few of the main ones our happy customers have told us about:

Saves Time Shopping

This is the number one reason people say they come back to us again and again. Sure, you could write up your own list of fresh, healthy meal ingredients, then travel to the supermarket, find somewhere to park, spend an hour walking round the store, queue up behind people who have forgotten one more item that they have to go and get just before they’re about to pay, etc etc.

If, however, you value your own time – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you’ll certainly be pleased with the delivery service we offer. Which enables you to simply choose the type of food you’re after, then have us do all the rest on your behalf.

Saves Time Cooking

At some point over the years, we’ve probably all been confused as to exactly how much of which food stuff to use in our meals. Following recipes can certainly help, but you still then have to buy the right portion size, or cut things up and weigh them to ensure you’re getting the right amount.

With a food box delivery service, all of this weighing and measuring is done for you. So all you have to do is follow the cooking instructions, without having to get out the kitchen scales or knives.

Save Time Washing Up

Another great time saving element of having your food delivered to you pre-prepared, is you won’t have to use countless bowls and knives in sorting out the right amount of each ingredient.

Everything arrives in perfect condition for you to be able to use it straight away, with no requirement to get out the chopping board or start preparing things in a special manner before you cook them.

Great Tasting Food

Our highly-skilled chefs have spent ages perfecting the taste of the meals we prepare. Lots of experimentation has gone into providing just the right combination of textures and flavours to ensure a great-tasting meal every time.

Which saves you having to worry about whether the meal you’re eating will be nice or not, as our team have already sorted that out for you.

Health Benefits

We’ve all read conflicting advice in the press about what makes for a healthy diet. It seems not a week goes by without a new report suggesting a particular type of food is the new “wonder ingredient” for everlasting health. Only to be completely contradicted the following week when someone says it isn’t actually all that great after all.

Our food boxes are made from properly-balanced, fresh, natural, healthy ingredients that stick to the core principles of healthy eating. We don’t follow the latest food fads and fashions. We simply provide great quality food that you can eat safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the right mix of protein, carbs and veg.