Food Subscription Box Delivery in the UK

Meal prep delivery services are all the rage, with many people throughout Britain enjoying the benefits of having their healthy, delicious meal ingredients packaged up and delivered to them. (Saving the hassle of going shopping or having to work out the ingredients for themselves).

meal prep boxes from PrepBox Nutrition

One particularly popular aspect of this type of service is to have a subscription where you order several meals at once to last the course of a few days or a week.

Multiple Meals Ordered at Once

Many of us like to plan our weekly meals in advance – whether for the purposes of buying the right ingredients from the supermarket or to ensure we’re getting a good mix of different food groups over the week.

A subscription food box delivery service can really help with this approach, enabling you to decide what sort of meals you’re after. Then simply choosing the relevant option online so you receive the right number of meals for the time period specified.

For instance, you may be choosing meals for yourself, yourself and partner, your family, or a group of you might have got together to order food to share between you. Simply add up the number of meals you’ll need in total, then, and that’s the amount you’ll want to order for your meal box delivery.

Easy Cooking with Pre Prepared Meals

Convenience is obviously one of the key factors for people who decide to use a food subscription service. Receiving exactly the right amount of each ingredient – with simply to follow cooking instructions – is something we can all relate to as being easier than the traditional method of making meals.

Which makes a meal prep box delivery service a real benefit for you if you’re too busy to bother with the fuss of measuring things out into the right portion size every time you want to make a meal.

When you choose a large amount of meals for delivery all at once, this can prove even more convenient for a larger number of people – saving everybody time and effort in making their respective lunches, dinners etc. (Whether for their whole family or for themselves).

So if you have the opportunity to combine your weekly food preparation with a group of other people, you can really reap the rewards from an ongoing food subscription package.

Our Service – Better Quality, Tastier Food

We’ve had lots of happy customers telling us how much better our food tastes than they could make for themselves. While we’re not claiming any Michelin stars, we’re certainly very proud of the high standards set by our expertly-trained chefs. They prepare each meal prep box with the kind of loving care and attention to detail they’d put in to their own family’s food – providing you with a fantastic selection of gourmet standard meals you can put together for yourself.

And not only is the food tastier, it’s of the finest quality ingredients – sourced especially by our team of expert cooks, based on both its taste and its nutritional value for providing the kind of health benefits many people are keen on from their food nowadays.

Bespoke Diet Options

If you have a nutrition plan you wish to follow – for example, based on specific dietary requirements or perhaps as part of a structured weight gain programme – we can put together a range of delicious options specially for you. (Simply let us know what you require and we’ll sort things out).

We can also offer Halal food and other specially-prepared ingredients – simply let us know when you order and our chefs will take your requirements into account when putting your food prep boxes together.