Meal Prep Delivery Around the World

With the kind of meal prep delivery service that we offer now being firmly ingrained in our culture here in the UK, it may seem odd that the concept has only really existed for about 10 years.

Meal Prep Delivery boxes

The idea of providing a food kit with ingredients that you can prepare yourself at home originated in Sweden – with one of 2 competing firms claiming that they were the first to come up with it – and has subsequently taken off throughout Europe and the UK.

It took a few years before anyone took the concept to the USA, but since then a number of firms have started providing the type of fresh, healthy food prep boxes that we specialise in. (In fact, according to a report in Inc Magazine, there are now over 150 meal prep delivery companies operating in the US).

Interestingly, the US market appears to be suffering from a lack of ongoing subscriber loyalty. Unlike our own meal prep delivery service – where our customers tend to stay with us for a long time – in the US, it seems the majority of people only trial the service for a month or two, with just over 5% of subscribers lasting for 6 months or more. This may be the nature of the culture with the US, or maybe it’s because we have fantastic subscribers who appreciate the nutritious and healthy food we provide for them!

Looking at the size of the market around the world, according to Time Magazine there was approximately $2.2 billion worth of spend per year on food subscription boxes. While this is an impressive enough figure, it’s a mere fraction of the overall estimated £1.3 trillion market for food globally.

So if you’re currently participating in a food subscription service, you’re in a minority – but one that’s growing all the time and we believe will one day become the norm for people who want the convenience and quality that the best services can provide.

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