Fruity Flapjacks


These ain’t your grandma’s crumbly flapjacks. This is a chewy, hearty snack packed with oats, a hit of sweetness from golden syrup, and a tart kick from those dried cranberries. Perfect for chucking in your bag to power through a gym session or long workday. No frills, just solid fuel that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you going.


Oats, Milk, Sugar, Golden Syrup, sweetened dried cranberries. free range whole egg

Contains – Milk, Oat, Egg,

Weight per 100g

Fats: 21.8g | Saturates: 11.3g | Carbs: 54.4g | Sugars: 31.7g | Protein: 6.2g | Salt: 0.35g Calories: 448 | KJ: 1874

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