Tofu Linguine (Vegan)


This light and flavourful dish is perfect for a meat-free meal. The linguine is tossed in a light and creamy sauce, cashews, and spices, and it’s topped with crumbled tofu for added protein. It’s a healthy and delicious option that’s sure to please even the most dedicated carnivores.


Linguine 43.10%, Tofu 43.10%, Garlic Olive Oil 2.30%, Cherry Tomatoes 5.75%, Spinach 5.75%

Ingredients: Soya, Gluten

Weight: per 100g

Fats: 4.7g | Saturates: 0.7g | Carbs: 18g | Sugars: 1.6g | Protein: 6.3g | Salt 0.27g | Calories: 92 | KJ: 389

Weight: per 348g

Fats: 17g | Saturates: 2.4g | Carbs: 63g | Sugars: 5.7g | Protein: 22g | Salt 0.92g | Calories: 322 | KJ: 1354

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