We are Prepbox Nutrition trading under the ownership of The Body Kitchen Limited,

a company registered in England and Wales under company
number 10809471. These terms and conditions apply to the Customer’s use of
Prepbox Nutrition and the services provided by Prepbox Nutrition. Please read these
terms and conditions carefully. Prepbox Nutrition may revise these terms and
conditions in its sole discretion at any time. When placing an order on the Website,

the Customer agrees to these terms and conditions.
Contact us at info@prepboxnutrition.com

2. Refunds

Refunds are not accepted unless the food arrives and it’s not fit for consumption.
Alternatively If it arrives and there’s a problem please contact us within 24 hours and

we will resolve the issue.

If you cancel your order and it is not within 72 hours of your delivery date we can
issue a full refund. If you cancel within 72 hours of your chosen delivery date we can
only issue a maximum of 50% as we would have already occurred costs on food


If you change your delivery date once we have shipped your meals you will not be

covered for a refund as the food is perishable.

3. Cancellations

Cancellations are accepted if your order is not within 72 hours of your chosen
delivery date. They are not accepted within this time frame. You have the right to

refuse the order but no refund will be given.