Vegetarian Meal Prep Delivery Service

Increasingly in the last few years, people are demanding more vegetarian options for their food. Numerous health scares and pronouncements from the government about the dangers of eating too much red meat, plus the proven weight loss benefits, have convinced more and more people to cut out meat from their diet.

As well as vegetarianism, of course, there are a whole range of different eating styles that people adhere to in the modern world. One of the most popular of these types of diet is known as being a ‘flexitarian’ (or ‘casual vegetarian’). The idea behind this diet process is to increase the amount of plant-based foods you eat, while reducing your intake of meat – though not cutting it out entirely.

Flexitarian Diet

So, for instance, a flexitarian may eat vegetarian food 5 or 6 days a week, with the odd meal here and there being based on meat as the main ingredient. (For example, many people find it difficult to give up their weekly bacon sandwich on a Saturday morning, though they may have a solely vegetable and plant-based diet for the rest of the week).

Pescatarian Eating

Another style of eating that has become popular in recent years is known as ‘pescatarianism’. This is different from being a vegetarian as – though pescatarians don’t eat meat – they do eat fish and seafood.

The Rise of Veganism

Another meat-free diet that has become much more prevalent in recent years is veganism. The annual Veganuary campaign has proven to be extremely popular, with an increasing number of people adopting this wholly plant-based diet for at least one month of the year – many of them pursuing the vegan diet on an ongoing basis.

Cruelty Free Food Preparation

As well as the health benefits of going vegetarian, plenty of people are interested in the cruelty free aspect of the lifestyle. There’s many a person who’s been turned off eating meat by seeing documentaries on TV, or even from having worked at a fast food restaurant. Which are just a couple of the reasons why people might decide not to eat meat products in order to satisfy their desire not to be cruel to animals.

Vegetarians in the 21st Century

Back in the olden days of the 1970s and right up to the 1990s, being a vegetarian often meant you were forced to exist on a boring diet consisting of little more than lentils and cabbages. That’s certainly all changed now, with a vast range of different meals to choose from. Long gone, for instance, are the days when there would be just 1 vegetarian option on a restaurant menu – and quite often that would simply be a meal prepared with meat but leaving the meat out, so all you ended up with was a plate of vegetables!

The development of meat substitute foodstuffs – such as tofu and Quorn – has really expanded the range of options available for meat-free eating. So you no longer have to put up with a second class meal if you’ve adopted a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Meal Prep

And now things have really taken a millennial turn with the availability of vegetarian meal prep delivery services – so you don’t even have to go to the supermarket for yourself and can have a range of delicious, hand-prepared meal ingredients delivered to your door.

The best services will work out a balanced, healthy diet for you, providing a selection of different protein, carbs and vegetables that go together perfectly for a tasty and nutritious eating experience.

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