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Benefits of Weight Gain Meal Prep

Enter the realm of protein-centric meal preparation, an orchestrated blend of lean goodness tailored for those sculpting their physique. It’s not just about gaining weight; it’s a journey towards muscular resilience and strength. Each protein-laden bite becomes a building block for enhanced muscle growth, facilitating recovery after intense physical exertion. Beyond the aesthetics, the physical benefits are profound – heightened metabolism, increased satiety, and improved insulin sensitivity. This meal style echoes the commitment to physical excellence. It’s not just about the bulk; it’s about forging a robust, resilient physical foundation.

Pre-prepared meals offer a strategic advantage for gym enthusiasts. These carefully crafted meals provide a hassle-free solution, saving time and ensuring precise nutritional intake. With balanced macronutrients, they support muscle growth, aid recovery, and optimize energy levels. Convenience becomes a training ally, allowing focus on workouts rather than meal planning, making pre-prepared meals an integral part of a successful gym routine.

We have been preparing and delivering fresh meals in New Barn for many years and have hundreds of satisfied customers who rely on our fast and reliable service for maximising their nutrition, sign up today!

Cajun Pasta with Chicken & Chorizo

Available as part of our weight gain meal plan subscriptions is our Cajun Pasta with Chicken & Chorizo: A hearty ode to those sculpting strength and mass. Imagine succulent chicken, bold chorizo, and Cajun spices harmonizing in a weight gain masterpiece. This isn’t just a pasta dish; it’s a robust, calorie-rich anthem for those pushing physical limits. A vibrant blend of flavors, embodying the essence of indulgence and power.

Dynamite Salmon Bites

Dynamite Salmon Bites: An explosive fusion of flavors and nutrients tailored for weight gain enthusiasts. Imagine succulent salmon, perfectly seasoned with Cajun and garlic, nestled on a bed of rice. The dynamism amplifies with Sriracha, honey, and lemon juice, creating a taste explosion. Edamame and kale add a nutritional punch. A robust, flavorful creation designed for those sculpting strength and size.

''So tasty, never lets me down and all I have to wash up is the fork''

Jack K.

Ashford, Kent

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not use any artificial or chemical preservatives. We use natural recyclable packaging and novel vacuum packing technology, which removes air from the food tray and gives each meal a 10 day refrigerated shelf life. You can find a “use by” date on the back of each meal on the nutrition label.

All meals are designed to be heated in the microwave. Specific instructions are included on the labeling of the individual meals.

Meals must be refrigerated immediately between 1-5°C upon opening when delivered

We cannot cater for specific allergies as we batch cook our food. Please see ingredients prior to ordering, they are listed on each meal.